August 29, 2012

[REVIEW] Geo Colour Nine Torquoise and Wig-Change

Hello my dears, were so nice to sponsor me another two pairs of lenses, and I'd chose some blue and turquoise ones. Stupid me forgot about having blue lenses, I should have chosen some brown one instead, but doesn't matter at all, both lenses are amazing, really.
Again, they were so nice and the lenses arrived really fast at my home! Back from denmark there was a package with lenses for me~ my grandma thinks I'm crazy, but I'm not. Maybe collecting lenses and wigs is a new hobby next to collecting stitch things? (laughs) I don't know.
Also I want to thank you sooo much for about 300 followers. I can't believe it. It is so nice of you all and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

This time I chose these lenses from the Geo Colour Nine series!

This is what the homepage says about the product:

Power Range: 0.00

Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.60
Water Content: 38~42%
1 year disposable

* It is advisable to dispose it within 4 months for regular use or if it starts to cause dryness.
* Please handle with clean hands and soak it with solutions after every usage. 

 right eye with lens, without make up.

 both eyes lenses in, also without make up.

 extra snapshot with dog *_*

 you can also see the lashes which Kai gave me. They're so pretty! And the turquoise is also really intense, eventhough the eyes aren't that big because the diamter is 14.2!

 Beautiful Ria had clipped extensions into her wig and I tried it also out with my black wig *_*! I like it!

I totally love the red and black !!! What do you think?

Now to my statement for the lenses.

I already said I like the natural look a lot, eventhough I prefer dramatic lenses more, but these go so well with my own eyes.

Enlargement: 3/5 -> it is 14.2, but better for the eyes!
Colour: 5/5, I like this intense colour so much!
Comfort: 5/5, as comfortable as the brown ones.

Service: 5/5, as always!

Thank you so much for sponsoring me once again!
If you want to buy some lenses on your own, go to
They ship out the lenses really fast and now they have reduced most of their prices!


  1. Oh, die Linsenfarbe is total hübsch! Will auch mal son intensives hellblau ausrobieren, aber zu groß sollen sie nich sein xD
    deine Natur-Iris is genauso groß wie die Linsen O_O ich glaub, meine is einfach total winzig x-D

  2. Die Linsenfarbe ist total toll - sieht beinahe etwas mystisch aus. Das mag ich :D

  3. Uh, die Farben sind so schön intensiv!! Wirklich toll **

  4. Wow sind die krass blau!! Aber steht dir echt gut, wirklich intensiv^^ Ich will auch wieder gesponsert werden ;0;
    Wünsch dir noch einen schönen Abend^^

  5. ich glaub ich mag die andern blauen lieber ;;
    aber die hier sind auch schön ♥

  6. Die Linsen sind ja mal total schön! *A*
    Generell bist du ja eh so hübsch

  7. vielen dank für dein kommi
    O: omg hat sich viel auf deinem blog getan!!!
    erst mal: dein neues layout ist echt klasse!
    und die linsen sehen super an dir aus. die farbe steht dir total obwohl sie nicht sehr natürlich ist :D
    lg kaddy

  8. I don't think anyone can have too many circle lenses or wigs, haha! :D so keep on collecting them! ^^

    This pair look scary, not in a bad way tho! so vibrant *o* people sure will notice your eyes first thing they see you! :D

  9. Wow, those really make your eyes intense :)

  10. collecting wigs and lenses are totally awesome, it is somewhat make our life jolly and colorful!! ^___^ heheheh! excuse our grandparents 'coz they still have their conservative and modest way of life as before :D heheheh! i like these pair of lenses, very vibrant and attractive! it's really suits you 'coz you have your natural gray or light iris :D you are really gorgeous!!


  11. Das mit den Haaren sieht hammer geil aus, also das schwarz-rot!!!