August 2, 2012

Wigparty with Jade

Hello my dears,

finally I have my own laptop back!! It was so annoying having a laptop without your own music and editing programms. But now, it is alright again and I can use it *__*!
I still have a lot to post until now, because I collected a lot of pictures on my cam. Now, I want to start with Jade and my wigparty. She came to my house and brought a black wig and I really wanted to try it out - and I did. I really really love it!
It is always nice to try out outfits or wigs for our next meet up or for just taking pictures (laughs)

Slytherin again~~ *laughs*

 This wig she got from is kind of cute.
But not my type at all, I think.

 I gave her my boots and overknees and we created this outfit for her ^-^


Today, Jade will come over again - so I don't have to be alone *-* 


  1. also die schwarze steht dir mal total gut!! :)

  2. Wie süss ihr ausschaut. Hübsche Perücken ♥

  3. Es gibt Perücken bei Primark ? Ich finde die kurze allerdings sehr sehr schick. Ich mag mir auch so eine kaufen * u * ~

  4. Das schwarz gefällt mir auch gut an dir! :D

  5. Die schwarze Wig sieht derbe nice an dir aus!

  6. nice pics.. your so beautiful,
    im your newest follower,pls followed
    me too darling..

  7. lovely photos you both are so cute and your friend has amazing hair!

    xx rae
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  8. Die kurze wig hab ich aus Dortmund dem primark :3
    für 8 euro kann man nicht meckern! :D

    Ich liebe meine jenny-chan <3

  9. Die kurze Perücke hat so ein bisschen was von den 20ern :D

  10. was kostet so eine perücke bei primark?

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