September 6, 2012

A day with friends

Hello my dears,

I haven't been working since days now and today is the only day in the week where I have to work. I'm kind if lazy because tomorrow is the marriage of my brother and I'm really nervous about it! I hope my dress will look great, I wear one with dots and so on ^_^
Well, monday I spent the day with Jenny and it was so funny. We enjoyed the good weather on the Weser and talked and also met Marn!

After that I picked up my Boyfriend, his sister and her boyfriend from the station because they were at a festival for 4 days. I really missed them and tuesday we decided to watch a movie together. We watched pet semetary from Stephen King. I watched it the last time years ago and this movie is always really shocking, I think.

At the moment we have the cutest male cat next to Maki and Lucky in our house! I never saw a pure white cat before, but I'll show you Billy *-* he is with one of our guests!

 some camwhoring before I left the house on monday..


 my outfit and oh god, you see the difference between me and Jenny? I am so small! :(

 Marn and me, sun was blending... a lot 

 evening snack.

 boyfriends TV..

and cute Billy *-*


  1. Oha... die Hochzeit ist schon morgen? =D

  2. True Lucky is damn cute but Billy is also soooo cute *_*. I'll soon make a Lucky post. The latest News about him.... Lucky wears a collar

    Love you sis <3
    Have fun tomorrow

  3. ooooh was für ein süßes outfit *-* deine stiefel gefallen mir sehr*-*

  4. Hanging out with friends is always fun! : D

  5. Aw you always look so gorgeous *_*

    ❤ Sapphire

  6. darf ich wegen der Hochzeit lachen?! wtf XD'
    der Kater ist total niedlich!! aber Maki ist mein Liebling XD

  7. Du siehst so süß aus ♥ Und deine Klamotten sehen toll aus!!!
    Viel Spaß auf der Hochzeit (meine eigene liegt schon wieder so lange zurück ;.;)
    Liebe Grüße

  8. Woow since when was your hair platinum blonde? *-* Suits yout like no other! So cute ♥