September 10, 2012

Connichi 2012

Hello, hello!

Just came back from a super stressful but great weekend! Friday was as I told the marriage, but I don't want to publish any pictures here, maybe my dress and the food in the next post!
It was really great and funny!

On saturday I went to Kassel with Maikel and Jade! We went to Steffi, dressed up in our Kigurumis and then went to my so called "Blogger Meet Up" but we were a little late and I just saw Mutsumi, her friend and Conny. But it is always unique and fun to meet them and I really enjoyed the time with them. Conny and Mutsumi are always so nice and sweet hearted, really!
After the little meet up we were able to sit down and enjoy the time with our friends. Vicky, Yuki, Jace, Eric, Roya, Nee-Chan and so on came to our sitting place and we had so much fun! Connichi is always fun (laughs)
In the evening we changed our clothes and decided to go to the "Gleis 1". There was a Jrock Party and I met Ilona again!! After all this time.. it was so nice to see her again and I was also able to spent more time with Mutsumi! We also danced!!
After the party we got to know a lot of nice people and eventhough it was really cold we spent a great time together. Thank you everyone for these great days.
Thank you Steffi for letting us sleep at your place once again, was so happy so see you ;__;
And Anni ...finally I could meet her again!! 
 from Steffis Webcam
 before we left

 Maikel and me!

 Conny *_*

 Conny and Totoro

 Mutsumi and her friend ^-^

 Nee-Chan! She was so cute *-*

 Roya *o*
 Yuki and me - I love her hair!

 cutee !!!

 Anni and me ^-^
 Alice mandness returns cosplays. They were awesome!

Ilona and Maikel.

I could spam a lot more pictures, but I don't want to annoy you~~



  1. aaaach ich wär auch gern zur connichi gefahren ;o; nächste mal >_< die leute sahen alle so cool uas *-*

  2. Es war perfekt Maus danke dir für alles <3

    Ich liebe dich!

  3. :) Coole Bilder!!!
    Eigentlich schade, dass ich doch nicht mitgekommen bin.

  4. Haha, was hast du denn da für ein Stalkerfoto von mir xDDDDDD aber mein Make Up sieht da richtig gut aus, yay xDDD

    War schön euch wiedergesehen zu haben ♥ ich hoffe trotzdem, dass wir nächstes Jahr ein wenig mehr Zeit finden

  5. Dieses Pikachu Kigu.. irgendwann muss ich mir das auch nochmal kaufen.. es ist einfach zu geil xD

  6. hattest ja echt viel erlebt XD
    hat mich gefreut dich kenne zu lernen ^.^ warst echt lieb

  7. Schöne Pics, sieht aus als hättet ihr viel Spaß gehabt ♥

  8. hasi mausi:) das nächste mal müssen wir mehr zeit einplanen und jemanden suchen *lach* oder einfach malso treffen - war auf jedenfall wieder ganz toll mit dir :)

  9. aww hübsche fotos und omo totoro ♥ *happy* XD
    sieht nach einer schönen connichi aus ^.^

  10. Die Overknees hab ich bei Karstadt oder Kaufhof gekauft^^ dankeshön<3

  11. Danke :3
    Du siehst sooo süß aus! :D aaww