November 27, 2012

Weekend at home with Doglove


Yesterday I came back to Bremen after a weekend in Hameln! I am always happy to go there just because of my dog (which is really shy if it comes to pictures.) buuut we had another dog at home! I once told you from Charly, well, my brother was Charly-sitting again and this dog is just so hyper and crazy but I love him anyway!! *_*
On thursday (the day Hibi and me returned home) I also visited my ex-co-worker Marn and Sandra with Basti! It is so nice to know that they miss me! I really like both of them! *_*
I also made some food for my boyfriend, grandma and Jeanette and it tasted so good. I want to eat it again like right now. It was noodles, vegetables, spinache with cheese. I'll upload a picture right now haha.  On saturday I finally saw a lot of good friends like Nisi, Jade, Jessy, Tinka, Michi and so on! I was so happy, because normally I have no chance to meet them all, but on that day I was able to see them. Eventhough there were some problems, I don't care, I had a great evening seeing them!
On sunday my boyfriend and me had our 9month day, haha. Well, we were invited to coffee and cake from sister-in-law because she had birthday and after that we watched Walking Dead episode 6. Can't wait for the next episode. *-*

 Baby girl.*-*
 The food I told you about.. 

 Welcome to Charlys little world, hahaha.
 he looks like a frog...
 he wants more food..
 maybe he is able to get more food if he sits on a chair??

 I look tired but I don't care. Picture with Babydog !!!
 She doesn't like see.
Sad Jenny is sad.
 Outfit for the party without shoes, I'm sorry.
 waiting for my boyfriend to get ready. What to do? Taking pictures!
 hahaha toilet pictures are the best..
 Kovu *-*
 Eric and Nisi!! <3 br="br">
 Tinka, Eric and Nisi. Was so happy to see you!!!
and Jessy... she looked so great!! *_*

Thats it! Have a good night!


  1. Awww deine Perücke ist ja sooooo hübsch!!! Die sieht wahnsinnig toll aus <333
    Die Hunde sind ja so cool, die Fotos sind voll witzig :)
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Haha die Paaarty :D

    Und Charly sieht wirklich mega überdreht aus... Allein schon die Fotos :D:D

  3. Wie niedlich Charly ist eh *___* voll süß und das Essen sieht mega lecker aus. <3

  4. Aaarrww dankeschön :3 Du Süße!
    Finds immer total cool wenn Hunde wie Frösche liegen xD Hätte das auch sofort fotografiert :D Hunde sind einfach toll <3

  5. waah hundis ♥ schade dass deine hündin so fotoscheu ist :D war bei meinen zwei riesen nie der fall xD die waren richtig bockig auf fotos!! haha ♥

    und du bist wunderschööön c:

  7. Your dog is so adorable!! And I love your pink hair and outfit :)

  8. Aaaw, love pets! It almost looks like the dog thinks he's a cat, jumping on the chair ;)

  9. die wig sieht ja schön aus ;_; (du natürlich auch x3)
    und hundeee <3

  10. Looove your hair!
    Nice blog here, wanna follow each other? Visit my blog and let me know!

  11. Oh du hattest aber schöne Tage! Der Huund sitzt ja soo cool! ich hab noch ne nen Hund so sitzen sehen, anscheinend ist es ja anatomisch möglich AHAHAHAHA XD

    Und dein Haare sehen sehr schön aus :3 so wie dein make up! Kannst du dazu mal ein close up machen? ich will sehen wie du das gemacht hast! :3

  12. thank you ♥ languages are the best.

    Ich mag deine Haare :3 Und das Hundilein ist süß!!