March 18, 2013

What we do...

Hello dear followers!!

I just reached 351 and I am so happy about it. I love all of you, I hope you know it. Blogger is just so much fun and I enjoy reading blog entries pretty much. Well, I first want to tell you about what I'll talk in future.
Next topic for an entry is my maid dress, a new camera, maybe some movie reviews and yeah, we'll see. (laughs)
But now I want to show you a lot of food pictures which I collected since I am back to Bremen together with Hibi.
By the way, we both are addicted to an actor. A french one. Never thought this could happen, but this guy acts gorgeous. He is really funny and ...well, I'm talking about Jean Dujardin!! I will tell you about the movies in a new entry!

 There he is in his role "OSS 117" *_*

Pau and... I don't know a name at the moment, but she isn't finished yet. This is going to be my last christmas present XD

 before leaving to Bremen we had a day out and boyfriend, Pierre and me went to Frank's Burger.
 got myself a veggie burger - awesome!! Way better than McD.
 This was spinach with rice and tofu with nori. Really good!

 Some salad back in Bremen..

 Toast with tomatoes, onions, an egg and little cheese.

 Chili with tofu. Hell, this was fucking good. 

 Todays lunch.... typical German I am.

This is from a delivery service. It is veggie gyros with salad and yeah. It was really good, eventhough I don't like tofu products which look like real ...yeah, meat? I dunno. But I wanted to try it out, since I always loved "Hin&Veg" in Hamburg! 

 Boyfriend got his hair shaved again. Was waaay too long.
It looked funny, haha~ Hibi meant we should leave it like that XD

 Hibi and me have similiar sleeping pants. 

 Picture of us!! ^-^

And another random shot. Tomorrow I'll take new pictures with lashes and so on. I really miss it.

Hope you have a nice week!


  1. All that food looks so tasty :D I am so hungry now :)

  2. Wow das ganze Essen sieht soo lecker aus *-* Veggie Kebap?`Hab ich hier noch nie gesehen, das würde ich auch gern mal probieren und auch das Tofu Chili sieht lecker aus, hast du davon vieleicht ein Rezept?^^
    Süße Bilder und ich liebe die dunklen Haare an dir, voll niedlich^^

  3. Oh man, Jean ist so geil *__________*
    Und wie mega pro das Essen wirkt. Haste dir richtig was gegönnt wa... Oh Jenny, ich muss aufhören, da kommt ein Nazi!

  4. wahhh~ Deutsches Essen ... die Kartoffel Klöße... ; 0 ; ~

    Sieht echt lecker aus :D ... jetzt habe ich auch Hunger ... oh je ohne Frühstück aus dem Haus ..

  5. Danke :3 Boah ich bin zur Zeit total süchtig nach Klößen :D <3