September 2, 2013

Visiting Igor

Hello my dear readers!

My giveaway just ended and I informed the winner per e-mail right now. She is able to contact kawaii deluxe now and tell her what she wants ^_^ I am always sorry, that not everyone is able to win! I am really really sorry for that. But I hope you like my blog anyway ._.
Friday I went to see my beloved Tinka and Sven and we watched "Ghost movie" which is just a really stupid, but funny, movie XD I also cuddled with the baby kittens! They are too cute. But I don't have any pictures on my camera. Next week I'll take more pictures, since Basti and me will visit them!
Yesterday I also drove to my beloved Igor (or Schundliteratur)  and I enjoyed it soo much. We haven't talked properly since ages (I think!) and we had so much to talk, to gossip and so on. We watched American Horror Story and Buffy, ate vegan bbq and talked... and cuddled with the dogs! I will spam you with them now XDD
 I look so creepy while smiling ....or trying to smile. Sorry. XD

 I tried her Korilakkuma on! So fluffy *-*
 Doooogs!!! Dog love!
 Edith, Martha and Lischen while sleeping. Aren't they cute?
 *-* Love this picture!
 "Come Edith, take a picture with us... comeee to us!"
 I missed her so much!!! Aren't her piercings awesome?
Again smiling haha. Thats special anyway.

Pictures with dogs are always gorgeous. 

I had a really nice time and now I can't wait for the Connichi! *__*


  1. Habt ihr AHS 1 oder 2 geguckt?! Die zweite Staffel is irgendwie nicht so toll wie die erste.
    Die Kigurumis sehen toll aus ♥ Voll süß!!
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Aaaww ich will auch einen Kigurumi haben *__*

  3. Aw süße Fotos :3
    Und ich hoffe du hast alles was du für Connichi brauchst ssoweit zusammen (cosplay, u kno? :3) <3

  4. Yeah! Oh Gott ich muß echt mal wieder posen lernen :'D

    Und wir haben die erste Staffel rewatch und wir sind übereingekommen, dass die Staffel über immer gut erzählt ist, aber die letzten 2 Folgen vom Finale totale Grütze sind. Im Oktober kommt endlich die dritte Staffel <3

  5. Witzige Fotos und die Hunde sind süß. x3
    Ich find übrigens gar nicht, dass du creepy aussiehst, wenn du lachst. :0 Eher total niedlich! ^_- <3

    Sehen wir uns auf der Nichi? ;3; Wenn du möchtest, können wir Handynummern austauschen. Du kannst mir bei Interesse einfach ne Mail an schreiben. ^^"

  6. All of you look so adorable!!
    Very nice, especially the rilakuma jumper! :)

  7. You guys look so cute! Love the kigurumi's :3