October 28, 2013

Pre Halloween Party

Hello my dears,

again a Halloween entry? Yeah, I am sorry, haha. But I love to do the make up and wear costumes.Well, on saturday there took a halloween party in the "Rockhouse" place. I went there with my boyfriend, Lena and her boyfriend Jan. We had so much fun doing the make up before... I want to do it again and again ;___; I also met Igor there! I was so happy to see my dear again! *---* We promised each other to meet more often and until now it worked out pretty good. The music itself was not that good. I really liked that they played "Rob Zombie" and "Dope" but most of the time it was something like In Extremo and Schandmaul. I like them but that often...? I dunno. But anyway, it was lots of fun and Igor and me also went to the "ghost ride". It was so funny, eventhough we are both such weaklings XD

But now I really want to show you the pictures! Hope you had also a nice weekend!!

 I was not that happy with the wig, so I changed it later.
 detail shot.

 Later we went to the "MAD" and I saw Olaf again! He always treats girls like a lady! Haha!


  1. Replies
    1. Wie witzig Basti da mit dem Sixer steht :D

  2. dein Makeup *___* sind das so aufklebe/aufschmink-Dinger?? voll geil *___*

  3. Dankeschön x3

    Das Make-up ist wirklich cool! Das Outfit dazu finde ich aber auch genial :D

  4. Das sieht echt gruselig aus und dein make-up ist wirklich gut! *_*d
    xD Im Rockhouse, hach. Ich sollte auch mal wieder hin.
    Freu mich auf Samstag! ♥