November 28, 2013

Cats, caats and caaaaaaaaaaats

Hello my dear readers,

just as I promised you I will spam you with lots of cats pictures. Next time I will take pictures of my dear love Trixi again but she is soo shy when it comes to taking pictures. Also, everything is alright at the moment. Work is great, tomorrow is christmas party from work and I also watched the "Hunger Games" which was AMAZING! *__* I really want to see it again! I hope I will soon~! Also I can't wait to go to the hairdresser to get my hair blonde again. (I'm on the right way, because last time I got streaks. )
My grades in school are great and yeah, everything seems okay right now. Also next week I will go to Hamburg again and... so much to tell, haha!
But now let me continue with the cat content.

 he loves sleeping in a bag...

 They're stalking me while I take a bath.

 Sleeping beauties.
 Hello! Look at me!!

Hope you enjoyed this!


  1. So süß die zwei!
    Und super, dass alles so gut läuft zurzeit :)

  2. Aaaw *-* Ich krieg nicht genug von deinen kleinen :D

    Viel Spaß in Hamburg :D
    Lg, Vivi

  3. Die Beiden sind so hübsch!! Sie erinnern mich an meine zwei Lieblinge, die hatten die gleichen Fellfarben. ;)

  4. Echt niedlich~ ich liebe Katzen... wenn ich bloß nicht allergisch wäre. >__<

  5. Super cute photos! It's adorable how curious they seem, especially during our baths. My Cat will also insist on being in the bathroom with me, but only me.

  6. Awww wie süß! In meiner WG sind auch 2 Katzen, die sind aber eher schlimm als süß, aber manchmal können sie richtig richtig süß sein <3

  7. awww die Katzis sind so süß :3 ich will den Kratzbaum haben xD

  8. they're all so cute!! adorable! and you're lovely :)

    Would u like to follow each other?

  9. awww wie süss! Von Katzen kann ich nie genug kriegen *_______*