December 15, 2013


Hello my dear readers,

I'm sorry that I didn't had the time to post something here. I was sick for about like... two weeks. I had a very bad cold and also fever and so on. But now I finally feel better and tomorrow I can go back to work. Christmas will be really soon and I can't believe it. This year passed by so fast. This was a great year for me, eventhough I stopped studying. I visited my friends in Hamburg really often, there was the awesome Connichi, my birthday and I were able to made a zombie out of myself two times!

But now I want to show you my christmas wishlist!

There would be: Hannibal Season 1, Girugamesh Monster CD, Casper "Hinterland" Tour (well, I will get a ticket for it.), grey wig, a new kigurumi, Walking Dead Season 1, Fox earplugs, Targaryen hoodie, Attack on Titan Key Accesoires... well! Let's see.

The most important is to spend Christmas with my family. Eventhough it will just be with my grandma this year.

On thursday I will go to the hairdresser to get new highlights! Finally I will have a lighter haircolour and can maybe wear extensions again, haha.

Here you have some instagram pictures. Have a nice week! 
My outfit from today! 
Marie and me. *-* 
This is my hair by the way at the moment. Since I want to get it lighter, I do it the healthy way, because finally my hair grow a lot.



  1. Hi *_*
    man darf auf jedenfall auch gespannt sein ;)

    Das Outfit sieht süß aus und ich drück dir die daumen das alle Wünsche von deiner Liste in erfüllung gehen ;)

  2. Ich hoffe dir geht's jetzt besser! Ich hatte gestern auch Fieber. x_x Schlimm das. Kann man froh sein, wenn man's los ist. xD

    Ich wünsche dir auch, dass du möglichst viele Sachen von deiner Wunschliste bekommst. ^-^
    Hab mir auch schon einen SnK Schlüsselanhänger ausgesucht für die nächste online Shoppingtour. xD

    Und ist der Pulli auf dem ersten Bild von New Yorker? Wenn ja, dann hab ich den Samstag auch anprobiert. xD

    LG ♥

  3. *__* Ich liebe das erste Outfit!!!

    Did you already noticed my giveaway?

  4. Danke :) Uuhhh eine graue Perücke möchte ich auch haben! Und generell ein paar für Shootings :D