January 5, 2014

Cats, dogs and nature.

Hello my dear readers,

hope you had a nice new years eve and also a great weekend! Today I had to work again. I just came back from Hamburg, where I visited Marie and we also celebrated Nicis birthday! Carina had the best idea for her present and she was so happy! I love to see friends happy! Also my sylvester was really nice. My friends from Hamburg and Igor came to visit me and we had lots of fun with Wario Ware and my dogs. The day before we also visited my cats and Carina and Nici played a lot with them and made awesome pictures! *__* I want to show them to you! Thanks for the amazing time I had with all of you! I enjoyed it very much and my cats and me can't wait until you visit us again.

 I had the american stafford from my brother to go with and..yeah. Thats how it looks like XDDD

Bestie and bestie 2 *-*


Charlie bubu!!! *_*

As you see we enjoyed the nature a lot. We took a long walk and I really loved it. I wanna do this more often and the next time I want to show my friends the "Hohenstein" - which is a really beautiful place.
Thank you for the pictures and my readers for reading. Have a nice week!


  1. soooo viele Tierchen und deine Katzen sind echt goldig `(⌒∇⌒*)ツ

  2. Ohhh, all die vielen Tierchen! So süüüüß! :)

  3. Dir hier auch noch mal ein frohes neues Jahr, hihi! ;) ♥
    Aww schön, dass du ein tolles Silvester hattest und jetzt auch ein schönes WE. ^-^
    Deine Katzen sind echt der Knaller. xD xD

  4. :D der hund geht ja wohl eher mit DIR gassi XD haha....
    tjaja, stark und dominant muss man bei solchen rassern bzw prinzipiell bei hunden sein die gerne auf rudelführer machen :'D
    kenn ich...aber mein hund hat schnell gelernt wer's sagen hat XD <3
    hachja... tage in der natur mit freunden/familie (wen auch immer man bevorzugt, oder gar beiden) + tierchen....= non plus ultra :D <3
    freut mich für dich <3

  5. Total süß die Bilder!! Da vermisse ich meine Jiji gleich. ♥

  6. Aaw das sind so schöne Bilder^^ Und soo süße Tiere*_*