January 19, 2014

Vivis Birthday Party

Hello readers,

I hope you had a great weekend! I had. Friday I went to sport, visited my grandma and had wraps. What can be more amazing than food? No, okay. I love wraps and so on. I also rewatched Gossip Girl a little and went to bed early. On saturday the birthday party of my classmate took place and it was really funny. We went there earlier and enjoyed sushi and watching TV until the other guests arrived. As I said in the entry before I am really happy to have some people in my class who I am friends with now. Eventhough, I hope to go to Hamburg again soon! I really miss my friends there. Distance is annoying. I also want to visit Steffi again or Teru. Meh. Well, later on we played Singstar... did you ever try to sing "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen on Singstar? It was lots of fun, hahaha. It reminds me on my 21th birthday... Lion King. Well. I enjoyed the evening a lot and today Vivi made my nails and we had a great breakfast! Thanks for this!

my look that day.

 Vivi wanted to erease my old nail polish ... XD
 nails done! *_*

 As I told you: We had sushi *_*

Diana and Sinda

birthday child and me


Sandra and me


Sinda and me. 

 chocolate cake. I was by the way one of the oldest. Everyone was like "Yeah, im 20. Yeah me too."
 Great beer. They drink it in "Fast and the furious" too.

Sandra in my pikachu.

I did all my homeworks now and learned a lot... this week will be quite stressful because of all the tests I am writing. But anyway, have a nice week too!


  1. Haha wie deine Nägel mit der Allufolie aussehen. Witzig :D

  2. Ich hab deinen Eintrag bei FB gesehen und mich schon gefragt, was ihr vor habt. x3
    Aber so cool. Vivi hat deine Nägel echt toll gemacht und ich hoffe, dass ich die Mädels auch mal wieder sehe, ahah. x33

  3. du süßi <3

    viel erfolg bei den tests ^__^

  4. Lol~ what should I say? Turning 26 in October! xD Haha~
    Great to hear that you had fun! Hamburg is a nice city, eh?
    I've got a friend myself there and really love being in this town! ♥
    BTW: Your nails are gorgeous! ♥

  5. Your Pictures are like always very cute ! www

  6. Aww sieht nach einem tollen Gebu aus :3
    Und ich kenns wenn man die/einer der Ältesten ist xDDD Das ist voll schrecklich.... aber ich find man sieht den Jüngeren ihr junges Alter gar nicht an XDDDDD *diss* Hachja... ;D Hauptsache alles war schön und du bist wie immer auch wunderschön <3

  7. Tolle Nägel und du siehst wieder so süß aus.

  8. Looking pretty and happy bday to her! I like your nails too and I loved the Gossip Girl books :) Following your blog! ♥