April 21, 2014

Zoo Schönbrunn in Vienna

Hello my beloved readers,

long time no hear, ne? I am sorry for that. Since I came back from my holiday in Vienna at Wednesday I had such a busy time plan. I was here and there but not really much at home (laughs) Now easter is nearly over and I have some little time - after this entry I need to start learning for a test on friday. Also tomorrow is my birthday and I am a little bit shocked. Time passed by so fast. I just remember christmas like it was yesterday (laughs) Anyway, I have to work at my birthday but I will celebrate it with my dear friends on the 3rd May. Looking forward to that!

Well, I went to Vienna to visit a good friend of mine. We know each other since 4 or 5 years already and I really wanted to see Vienna anyway. So I was really happy that it worked out to meet Teru and stay at his place from saturday to wednesday. We had such a great time. We ordered sushi on saturday evening and watched Hannibal (as well as the following days...) and drank wine. We had to laugh a lot and eventhough we had bad weather we enjoyed it anyway. Thank you! Can't wait until you come to visit me!
On monday we decided to go to the zoo together. Since they have arctic wolves and red pandas! At first the sun was shining but later... the weather changed. It rained the whole time but I got some nice pictures and saw lot of animals! It was totally worth anything.

 giraffes *-*

 a kangaroo
 There was a rat house (which was dark!) and there he was... the Pied Piper of Hamelin - where I come from!

 sleeping lion

 they were tired.

 Andean Bear *_*

 an anteater. They look kind of funny, haha.

 Since it was raining, some of the animals went inside. They have big places for themselves outside - which I was really impressed about.

the ring-tailed lemures had babies *_*

 strange... toad.

 Snape fish! Hahahaha.

I really like how some pictures turned out so pretty. For examples the arctic wolves were really good to take pictures of. As well as the red pandas, eventhough they got so wet ;__; They tried to hide in the trees (they had a house but wanted to stay outside, maybe.)

I hope you enjoy the pictures! I need to start learning now T__T


  1. Süße Fotos und freut mich, dass du Spaß dort hattest :> Du scheinst viel herum zu kommen, I like! <3
    Ich liebe die Fotos von den Wolfies <3 Meine absoluten Lieblinge, haha XD
    Ich vermute die waren alle so müde, weil sie sich zuvor vollfressen konnten? xD Ich glaub sonst wären die net so verballert gewesen, keke ^.^

  2. Aww~ der Zoo in Wien ist echt schön. Wurdest du im Waldstück auch von Eichhörnchen begrüßt? Die sind dort anscheinend relativ zutraulich und haben mir sogar Nüsse aus der Hand genommen *___*

  3. These photos are so pretty! ♡
    Vienna's zoo looks a thousand times better than the one here in Berlin and I'm kinda jealous right now. Wish we had red pandas there, for example...

  4. Warum habe ich hier noch nicht kommentiert, obwohl ich den Beitrag schon gesehen hatte? :D Egal, dann kommt das Kommi eben jetzt:
    Süüüüüße Fotos! Besonders die vom roten Panda. Und der Snapefisch!!! LOOOOOL :D

  5. Schöne Fotos hast du gemacht. :) So cool, dass es dort Flughunde gibt! Ich liebe Flughunde. *_* >w< ♥
    Die Bilder von den Wölfen sind auch toll. Sie sehen alle so struppig aus, aber mega cool. :D