May 5, 2014

Horror themed birthday party

Hello my readers,

finally an update of me again - I am too lazy (laughs) but now I have an important event to blog about! On 22th was my birthday and I celebrated it a bit later because I wanted all my friends to be able to come >__< ! So, the last saturday (3rd may) I celebrated my birthday. I always have themes for it and this time it was the theme "horror". Not everyone had a horror themed costume but I don't care as long as they HAVE costumes *_*! I was so happy that everyone dressed up! And for the first time of my life I did a fancy cake with the help of Sarah and Marie and it turned out so good. But I will show you the cakes and my presents in the next entry. Now I will only spam you with awesome pictures of my friends and me. Thank you all for coming! I had a really great birthday!

 Hibi was a mexican serial killer!


I was a zombie gal! I do not wanted to glue my lashes on since my make up was that heavy!



Sorry for spamming with so many pictures! But I was not able to decide which one to post. The next post will also include polaroids which we took with Nicis camera! *_* They are so awesome.

By the way, Marie was a zombie, Sarah-Marie was a witch (inspired by American Horror Story Coven), Nici was a "Werfluchs" - "wer"="were", "fuchs"="fox", "luchs"="lnyx". Carina did an werewolf inspired outfit which was way too cute. I wanted to cuddle her all the time *_* Katty had her kigurumi with a fox and a cape. Lena was a dead doll and Igor was hot (laughs)

I had so much fun and I enjoyed the evening a lot with my friends and great food! I want to do this theme next time, too. It was too funny ;___;


  1. Ich liebe dein Make-up! Schön, dass du deine Feier so genießen konntest. <3

  2. :D Geniale Bilder. Wir waren alle sehr heiß! Und der Abend hat Spaß gemacht :)

  3. Ich sterb' so hart - die Kostüme sind alle wirklich cool.
    Aber gegen den Mexikaner stinken sie erbarmungslos ab (wie an der Bar).

    Mady my fuckin' day. Danke.
    *Internet-high-five* -> absolut verdient. Hallelujah.

    1. Muchas gracias, señor! Un gran high five de internet zurück an dich! :D

  4. oooh *Q* die Fotos schreien nach Spaß! <3

  5. sehr lecker siehst du aus >:D ♥♥♥

  6. Hat so viel Spaß gemacht! Wirklich tolle Bilder! - Und mitten drin ein Mexikaner! xD <3

  7. it was soo much fun ♥
    I was glad that we all had costumes! this theme is so good XD

  8. Alles Gute Nachträglich! ♪
    (Das kommt jetzt etwas spät >//<)
    Was für eine geile Idee für ne Party! Ihr seht alle echt total klasse aus ♥

  9. Themed birthday parties look like such fun!

  10. "Igor was hot (laughs)" Da will ich nicht widersprechen :D
    Aber es war so witzig! *A* Echt toller Geburstag!

  11. Jetzt will ich aber mal wissen, was ein FANCY Cake ist!?!?? :D