June 26, 2014

Geo Starmish Grey Review [geocolouredlenses]

Hello everyone,

sometimes I am so lazy and nothing special happens or I am not in the mood to dress up or everything...so the blog suffers a little bit under my mood. Also ...I am still sick. I am coughing every morning and my throat hurts. But I don't want to take pills anymore. I drink a lot of tea and eat lots of healthy fruits. Anyway, I feel better and Hibi is coming over this weekend! We will watch a lot of game of thrones and party a bit! I can't wait to see her! Also, the july will be great. I will go to the amusement parc "Heide Park" with friends from Hamburg and we will visit the Hannover zoo with my class. Next week our third cat (I will be a crazy cat and dog lady later.... I'll promise.) will arrive. The cat of Dianas sister got kittens and Basti wanted (SOMEHOW) a third cat so.... yeah .... fortunately our flat is big enough and they have a lot of space. Also happy news: GERMANY WON against USA! *_* I also got a super cute package from my dear Denise! Super cute! Thank you!

Well, now to the real topic!

Last year december I got the chance to get some sponsored lenses from http://www.geocolouredlenses.com/ ! I also coud choose what I want and I decided for the Geo Starmish Grey lenses. They seem to be out of stock right now but here you have the link for the brown ones http://www.geocolouredlenses.com/geo-starmish-brown-xkp-304/.

What the homepage says about the lenses:

Power Range 0.00 ∼ -8.00
Diameter 15.0mm
Base Curve 8.70mm
Water Content 40±2%
Material Polymacon
 Life Span Yearly

Now onto my own opinion:

Comfort: 4/5
They are really soft so it is harder to take them out after wearing them, but the comfort is really good. I can wear them for 3-6 hours without problems. Maybe you can also wear them longer but I am not that used to lenses anymore.

Style: 5/5
The grey is awesome. It looks gorgeous with my own eye colour!

Service: 5/5
The service was really great. The person I had contact with was really nice and cute. Also I was able to choose the lenses by myself. Eventhough it took me some time to publish the review they were not mad or anything. 

 without flash and make up.

 with make up

 I got this super cute flower crown from her! *_* I love it!

Thank you for reading! Be aware of a big cat spam next time~!


  1. whaaa wie hübsch^^ die linsen sehen echt toll aus, ich mag graue Linsen am liebsten^^
    Ach ich möchte auch mal wieder gesponsert werden, hatte nur einmal da Glück ToT XD

  2. Wow, really nice lenses. I love grey lenses, I have a pair too. *w*
    Bai, Shiki

  3. sehr schöne linsen, da will ich glatt auch mal wieder ein paar circle lenses :)
    ich liebe die bilder mit den rosa perücken ** das steht dir ausgezeichnet

    liebe grüße
    Hydrogenperoxid Lifestyle Blog

  4. Die sehen aber schon iwie aus wie die Princess Mimi oder? Kannst du irgendwelche Unterschiede festellen?XD

  5. Ist das ein Hut auf den letzten Bildern?sieht ja Hammer gut aus! Haz ein wenig was von den 60ern :-P

  6. Ich mag deine Linsen ja immer total gerne. :) Die Perücke steht dir auch total gut.
    Viel Spaß mit Hibi und grüß den Zoo von mir, wenn du da bist. (Hab da ja mal gearbeitet xD)

  7. Dankeschön! :)

    Ich wünschte ich würde mich auch trauen Kontaktlinsen zu tragen (grade für Fotos). Sieht echt toll aus! :3