June 15, 2014

Girugamesh Essen and Berlin

Hello my dear readers,

since I am sick right now.... I have the time to tell you something about the awesome concerts I visited. As the title says I was in Essen and Berlin for the girugamesh concerts. I went there with Hibi and Igor! We had so much fun while waiting at the venue and... for Hibi it was the first japanese concert! But I think she enjoyed it! We went there after school and arrived after a few troubles at 5 o' clock I think. I can't believe I met so many people I wanted to meet! For example Laura, Buki, Demi, Kai and Hanna and Tina. Of course I took pictures with nearly everyone (laughs)
I had a nice time talking to you all! And as Kai already said... music connects people! It surely does! I had so much fun meeting all of them again and making jokes like "Libido" (I thought the concert hall in Berlin is called like that....) and drinking some sparkling wine...
The concerts were really great. I missed girugamesh so much. The last time I saw them was 3 years ago and... it was a long time until this year. They played so many great songs, Satoshi had his circle pit and they surely rocked the stage! On both concerts! These are again prescious memories for me. I will never forget them! Also I hope they will come back soon. In Berlin we first went to a vegan burger restaurants and then met Katty at the stage! I just saw her and I was so happy to see her again! ^__^ As I already said... both concerts were awesome. I can't even describe how much I enjoyed the time. Concerts are so addictive. On wednesday I also saw Rob Zombie live...(laughs) I don't know what to do if they are no concerts ;_;

 Excuse my ugly painted nails. But this sparkling wine was fitting to my outfit!!

 Hibi looks so great on here! *_* Like a model!

Hibi took this picture! I want all of them on my computer - they turned out really great. I hope she will post them soon!

 My outfit... xD I was a bonbon!

 I promised my dear Igor to have a gyaru make up again and I tried my best...

 With my dear Tina *_* 

 Tina~ I love your hair! It got so long! *_*

 I also met Laura again after... a really long time O_O!

 Kai and me!

 Hanna and me! ^-^ We haven't met each other for 4 years..

 Demi and me!
 Igor, Demi and me

 After the concert. Kai was standing there and I got my flower crown out and just put it on his head. This picture is so cute XD

 We are stupid. Yes. Of course.

 After the concert I had an onigiri *_*

My outfit for Berlin - without curls sadly and without the hat. But I like this picture.

Have a nice week!


  1. Konzerte sind einfach das Beste *--*

    Deine beiden Outfits sind so cool...und deine Haare..da beneid ich dich ja drum. So ne schöne Farbe *-*

  2. Es war so bombastisch gut! *A* Immer wieder!!! <3 <3

  3. Ich lieeebe dein Outfit vom ersten Konzert ;A; Es sieht sooo süß aus! ♥

  4. Whaaa das letzte Outfit mit dem schwarzen Kled gefällt mir besonders gut*-* Die guten alten J-Rock-KOnzerte sind doch immer noch das Beste, ich hab Girugamesh leider noch nie live gesehen :/ Jetzt krieg ich auch wieder Lust wie früher auf so ein Konzert zu gehen, nette Leute zu treffen usw*-*

  5. Awr - du sahst wirklich niedlich aus <3

  6. Haha, du Konzert-Hopper. ;)

    Awwrh yesss, es war aber so fantastisch! :D
    Danke noch mal für das zweite Shirt und es war total gut, dass wir uns endlich wieder sehen konnten. ♥ :3

  7. deine Outfits sind immer so schön *-*

  8. Hello ♥ Ja kann mich da Tina nur anschließen: Mega Konzert Hopper! :)
    Ich gehe ja sowieso schon auf deine blonden Haare aber, aber dann auch noch mit Locken bedeutet LOVE LOVE LOVE! :)
    Hoffentlich geht's dir bald wieder besser. Es war so cool dich am Samstag zu sehen <3

  9. ich liebe dein outfit, würde ich direkt so anziehen.
    girugamesh habe ich auch schon live gesehen, es war so wunderschön
    ich liebe die band einfach abgöttisch

    liebe grüße
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  10. Haha, klingt doch super! ^.^ Und die Pics sind herrlich, so lebhaft *_* und dein make up myaaaarrrrm <3 mehr gyaru plz! xD *igor zustimm*
    und werd mir wieder gesund kleines mäuslein :3

  11. Oh man, du bist so hübsch! Sahst echt heiß aus an beiden Tagen! Und alter :D Bist ja voll der Konzert-Suchti zurzeit!!! :D Immer auf Achse!
    Hab das Konzert auf jeden Fall genossen mit euch! War super spaßig, auch die Autofahrt, gerade weil sie so turbulent war! :D Und danke, du schmeichelst mir mit dem Model XDD