June 8, 2014

Time in Hamburg

Hello lovelies,

I just came back from two really great concerts. Girugamesh in Essen and Berlin but I will give you more soon. Now I want to tell you something about my amazing time in Hamburg as we went to see "Völkerball". As you maybe already noticed....this year is full of concerts and I am full of joy because of it. There is not anything better than music. Music connects people and it will always stay like this. I went to Marie on friday and we had pizza at an awesome restaurants! The pizza were big like hell and Marie and me finished them! Sarah and Nina left a lot of it and took it home! Also the waiter was a hottie and we've got wine for free...It was such a nice evening!
On saturday was the day of the concert. We went to Nina, enjoyed some beer and watched "Rammstein" music videos. As I already mentioned earlier... Völkerball is a tribute band to Rammstein. We had a lot of fun and took many pictures. Later we went to the Markthalle and rocked the concert! It is so much fun with them and I enjoyed every minute!
On sunday we had bbq at Maries place and we made so many great stuff. For example "Seitan" steaks, a big salad, bread all by ourselves... and some friends came over. We laughed a lot, eventhough my whole neck was hurting, we had so much fun. Afterwards we watched family guy and coldmirror and then the time was over again. I left for home on monday because I had a day off. Please lets do it again!

 Here you can see the big pizzas! Maybe you can't cleary see it but they were about 42 cm...

 Before leaving for the concert!

 Marie looked beautiful as always!


 I look like 14 years old in here. So funny XD

 With some people of the band.
 I was so done after the concert. With Björn! He was too cute. He just said "You all were the highlight of the evening!"
 The seitan I made!
 Marie with dough on her hands...

BBQ time!!!

Have a nice week everyone! 


  1. Ach ihr seht so süß aus! *A* Ihr wäret auch das Highlight meines Abends! *A*

  2. Wow deine Haare sehen super toll aus^^Und natürlich wart ihr das Highlight so hübsch wie ihr alle wart^^ Ich hab Girugamesh leider noch nie gesehen (ich hab eh viel zu wenig Bands gesehen XD), schön, dass du viel Spaß hattest^^

  3. Aw, und schon wieder klingts nach sau viel Spaß! :D Klingt echt cool, hübsch saht ihr sowieso aus und das Essen ist auch bombig òo die Pizza will ich auch mal verdrücken XDDD

  4. Klingt richtig spaßig. Und ist grad witzig noch mal alles zu lesen, was du mir in Essen erzählt hattest :D Ihr seht übrigens auch sehr geil aus auf den Bildern!

  5. Klingt toll! :3 Musst du mir dann nächsten Sa. noch mal alles genauer erzählen. ;)
    Aww und ich mag deine Haare so! <3

  6. Omg diese Pizzen :o
    Naaaargh Jenny du siehst so toll aus ;A; Ich hab dich schon viel zu lange nicht mehr gesehen ;A; ...das macht mich jetzt traurig xD

  7. Entweder mit dieser Okonomiyaki Soße, die ungefähr schmeckt wie rauchiger Curry Ketchup! :D (Ich glaub man kann auch Curry Ketchup mit Steaksoße mischen XD) oder eben mit Teriyaki gemischt mit Majo. Hat auf jeden Fall sehr gut geschmeckt! :3