August 27, 2014

Wonderful time in Hamburg

Hello my cuties,

I am back with a good mood since I had an awesome time in Hamburg. I think I always have (laughs) and I still have holiday until sunday and monday I need to go to work again. But I don't care right now. Last week tuesday I went to Hamburg by bus and met my lovely Marie and Nina and they made dinner for us ^_^ we celebrated into Maries birthday and she was so happy with her presents! The next day we went to the L'Osteria - an awesome italian restaurant with big pizzas! And I really mean big! We had a lot of fun there and also some great white wine! On thursday we went out to drink cocktails with Nina and David and had a funny night. Friday we met up with Nici, Carina and Katty to take purikuras and got some sushi. I really enjoyed my time with you all! ;_; Really! On saturday was the big party and Marie and I prepared the food on friday evening and everyone brought food on saturday. It was so amazing and I had so much fun! We played a lot of games and laughed a lot. I am thankful for so many great friends and they made my holidays perfect! On sunday we just ordered pizza and watched King of queens. On monday I had to leave (sighs) I really do miss everyone right now and I hate the distance.

 the birthday princess *_*
 Sarah-Marie and me ^_^

 We had such a great time in the L'Osteria.
 They are so big. You are not able to see the size on the picture... but... if it stands in front of you...
 I bought the black blazer in Hamburg as well as this awesome top! Marie forced me to buy it and I love it ;_;

 Awesome sushi we had!
 Food for the birthday...
 and cake!

 Deborah and Nina did my hair and it looked awesome. Look also at my cute pug socks.

 Sarahs outfit was so pretty ;_;

 Oscar selfie time!!

It was such an awesome day and a gorgeous week!

We we're all sitting on the ground while playing games Such a big group!

In the next post I will post the review of my lenses and later on I will post the purikuras! ^-^


  1. So viel geiles essen ;_;
    die Frisur sieht echt toll aus und Puriiiis can't wait <3

  2. Genial, was würde ich jetzt für eine Pizza geben! :-D

  3. Aww~ so ein toller Post und so viele tolle Bilder! von uns! xD Wir sind so schön! ;///; <3

  4. yay wie geil :D fotos zeigen den spaß, den ihr hattet! ^.^
    und so viel essen ;___; buuuh.... da wär ich doch gern dabei gewesen XDDD <3

  5. Das sieht nach einer richtig tollen Zeit aus. ;__;
    Ihr habt alle so hübsch ausgesehen und ich liebe deine Haare.
    Und das ganze Essen, ahh. <3
    Freu mich schon, wenn du die Puris postest. Wusste gar nicht, dass es in HH wieder einen Automaten gibt. :0