September 17, 2014

Purikura First Part

Hello my dears,

just a quick entry before work, since I promised to post the purikura for such a long time (laughs)
Soon there will be another entry about LycaonxBoRn which was amazing and the Connichi! I have a lot to tell but time is running by so fast~ ;__; I am sorry! Please enjoy the pictures!

These were some of the first and everything was over so fast and...yeah XDD

I enjoy doing purikura! It is so much fun! *_* Together with my friends it is even more fun. I always have to laugh a lot.


  1. Ohh, you look like you enjoyed making them :D They look great! Looking forward to your next posts about the concert and the Connichi!

  2. Total genial die Bilder. Manchmal frage ich mich allerdings, ob die Augen so automatisch ein wenig vergrößert werden, um so einen gewissen Anime/Manga/whatever-Stil zu erzielen? :D

  3. da hast du recht, rob zombie war wirklich cool!
    volbeat habe ich jetzt schon ein paar mal gesehen, aber wirklich vom hocker reißen konnten sie mich noch nie ..

  4. super süße und zum teil auch lustige puris ;D
    meeensch wir müssen auch!!! ZUSAMMMEN! <3