October 24, 2014

[HALLOWEEN] Heide Park Halloween Nights Part Two - FRIENDS

Hello everyone,

welcome back to my sick world (laughs). As you can imagine I am sick again or still sick - I don't know but I am sick of being sick. I'm eating so much fruits and drink lots of tea and still... (sighs) but wayne. Work was quite amazing last week and I had so much fun. But I promised you to post some pictures of my awesome friends and me at the Heide Park special. I wish I could go there again, having the same amount of fun and laughters. Really? You should go there. The park itself is amazing but it is even more amazing if you go there with your best friends and if it is dark outside...

 awesome group picture!!

 Katty and me.
 Werner, Marie and me XD
 the cute birthday child!!
 We are hungry zooooombies!!!!

 We always saw this dog... and one time I was brave enough to ask if we could pet him...!!!!
 He loved us.

 Yummy. Zombie vs vampire.
 I love these pictures. I loved that our group was so big!!

 pumpkin head Nyanpire!!

 (insert seal move here)

 this reminded me so much off Hannibal...
 Cute Katty and Marie!

Dr. and the zombie puppet!


  1. So fun and lovely ^^

    恵美より ♥

  2. Haha awesome vampirezombiepikachu-outfit! And the dog really looks happy with you guys~~

  3. mega geil *___* ich wünschte ich wär dabei gewesen! ist bestimmt einfach mega wenn man so viele freunde um sich aht und einfach nur spaß hat! x3 <3

  4. es war so geil XD und die Bilder sind so gut geworden *_*

  5. Wow eure Kostüme sind so toll und euer makeup^^ Echt eine tolle gruppe^^

  6. Oh Gott, im Zug haben doch bestimmt wieder alle geglotzt :D

  7. Geniales Kostüm :) Die Bilder sind echt cool geworden, sieht nach einer Menge Spaß aus :)

  8. Dankeschön! :)

    Dein Kostüm war echt klasse :3 ♥