November 16, 2014

Got my fringe back and HAUL.

Hello my dears,

how are you feeling? Right now it is raining outside and it seems really cold. Winter is coming, right? (laughs) Reminds me that I need to continue reading the game of thrones books! Since a few months I was thinking about getting my fringe back. But I was way too insecure and everything. But last thursday I did it. All my friends said I should do it and in the end I decided for it too. And now I am way more confident again. Also I went shopping on saturday with my boyfriend, since I needed a winter jacket so badly. My last winter jacket is damaged but still it lasted for 3 years! What did I do the last week? Well, nothing special. Working a lot and watching Gronkh game plays. Right now I am watching the Evil Within and this guy is so awesome. I love his reactions. *_*
By the way I changed my clip in extensions to flip in extensions. They are way more comfortable and easier to wear. I just sewed them on some elastic strap and connectet the ends with some nylon strap. Now I just need some minutes to put the extensions in~!

 This is what it looks like before...

 And after. Yeah, my hair looks like a mess there, I am sorry XD and this is the no make up self...

 my outfit yesterday..

 fringe and extensions.

 I am really satisfied..

 eyeliner I bought online.
 winter jacket.

 cute shorts!

 socks and leggings!

 make up sponge, necklace...

 cute sleepwear.
 a dress. I've bought it oversized *-*

 wine red dress. Perfect for winter.

 another cute pyjama.

and a dress I've bought via H&M online. The colour is some kind of grey. Still waiting for the hoodie dress (sighs) different delivery dates.

I hope you will have a nice week! I will! We have the christmas party from our working place, I will go to the cinema...


  1. Du siehst so niedlich aus mit Pony! *A* So cute! *~* <3

  2. The shorts are amazing! Where did you get them?

  3. Der Pony steht dir sooo gut! ;A; ♥
    Und toll, jetzt hab ich auch bock shoppen zu gehen, danke sehr xDDD

  4. Die Ponyvariante steht dir echt gut. Siehst gleich viel süßer aus als sonst :)

  5. Ich find Pony steht dir auch ganz ausgezeichnet! :3 <3 Und den eyeliner hab ich auch, hehe. Der ist super, oder?

  6. Reminds me of how badly I need to do a super big haul post... I didn't did a single haul this year... at all. I think D:
    The clothes are pretty cool and honestly, I've never heard of flip-in extensions before... and now I feel pretty dumb, hahaha

  7. I think you look sooooooooooooo cute with a fringe, more dolly ^^

    And I am very in love with the eyeliner you got!! So cute with the cat!!

    Very cute styles of accessories and I love the rabbit top :3

    恵美より ♥


  8. steht dir super <3
    und die neuen sachen sidn auch süß ;//; das rote kleid <333333333 will auch! >3<

  9. Supersüße Sachen :3
    Und dein Pony steht dir echt gut!
    Die HP Socken hab ich auch *^* die sind sooo bequem <3

  10. Winter's coming! :D Hibi's also coming (soon)!!!
    Ich finde der Pony steht dir echt super, ich werde mir auch wieder einen schneiden, wenn ich zurück komme. Sieht einfach süßer aus.
    Und manchmal bin ich echt überrascht, was du für geniale Ideen hast :D Vor allem, wenn es in Richtung Make-Up / Haare / Perrücke geht!!!
    Wir sehen uns übrigens in genau 4 Wochen! :D

  11. Oh dankeschön! :)

    Der Pony steht dir wirklich total! Und meine Schwester ist auch so ein Gronkh-Fan :D

  12. You look so different with the bangs but it looks great! Also jealous of easy to wear extensions haha. Is your winter coat not too thin? Maybe it just looks too thin for me haha. It's a really popular color and design though~

  13. "Yay!" für die Rückkehr des Ponys! <3

  14. Dein Pony steht dir sehr gut! :3 <3 Und du hast echt schöne Sachen gekauft! :D Der Winter kann kommen! :3

  15. Ohh du siehst echt soooooo süss aus. Ich würd dich am liebsten gleich knuddeln :D