March 22, 2015

Weekend with my cuties

Hello everyone,

I'm back from Wuppertal since I visited some relatives. How are you all? I want to tell you about last weekend. My cuties Marie and Nina visited me from friday to sunday. On friday we drank some wine, ate raclette and talked a lot. It was such a gorgeous evening with both of them. Talking is always good. On saturday we had breakfast and went to town... we shopped a little bit and ate an awesome pizza. In the evening there was the "Völkerball" concert. They are a Rammstein cover band and we all love Rammstein *_____* we had so much fun during the concert and I enjoyed every single minute of the weekend so much. You can't believe it. After the concert we went to LA SOL to drink some awesome cocktails and then home. On sunday we just watched Life is Strange Lets Play the whole time. After this we startet to watch the Outlast Lets Play XD we were scared like hell (laughs)
All in all the weekend was awesome and I want it back. ;________;

 Even after the concert we looked good! *_*

 I love you to the moon and back!

 With Björn - our favorite member of Völkerball.

polaroids we took!

I had - as I already said - a gorgeous weekend.


  1. Kannst du das Outlast Lets Play empfehlen? :D Und von wem schaut ihr? Auch wieder was von Gronkh?

    Und sieht echt toll aus *_* Also die Fotos. Hattet bestimmt mega Spaß! Will auch :,(

  2. Think, I should take a look on Youtube.
    I really like listening to Rammstamm from time to time so maybe I like this band as well! ^^
    Great to hear you had a superb evening! <3

  3. Schön, ihr süßen! ^-^ Freu mich, dass ihr ein schönes Wochenende hattet.
    Und nächstes Mal dann hoffentlich wieder ein Sushi-Date zusammen, ja? <3

  4. haha das LP von gronkh hab ich am sonntag auch geschaut...bin aber leider vor lauter erschöpfung eingepennt... *hust* naja 8D er stellt's ja nicht umsonst online <3

  5. It was sooooo wonderful! We miss you and want the weekend back, too! x3

  6. Dankeschön <3 Und ja, der Anblick der gefällten Bäume war schon traurig :/ aber für Fotos nun mal ganz geeignet :o

    Du siehst, wie immer, sooo hübsch aus <3

  7. Dankeschön <3 ach ich habe ja immer Pech xD

  8. Oh Gott du schreibst immer so süße und gut gelaunte Posts (können Posts gut gelaunt sein? xD egal!). Klingt echt nach einem tollen Weekend ♥ Und jaaa du musst zu Calzedonia! Am besten in Hannover ♥♥ Die Polaroids sind ja süß :> Hast du so eine Kamera?