April 18, 2015

Favorite parts of my flat

Hello my dear readers,

I do try my best to blog more often from now on. I'll try to post two times a month at least. Next entry will be about my birthday I think. But Hibi had the awesome idea to post some pictures of her flat and I will do this too. I'm also curious how your flats look like and which are your favorite parts of it. But I talked enough - I will show you some pictures now. By the way... I think I will do something like this more often. Maybe with perfumes or cosmetics. Food or animals... let's see.

 Our wine board... I do love wine a lot.

 A lot of my books are still at the place of my grandma.
 Sorry for the mess..


  1. I'm so jealous of your tsumtsums... how did you get them??
    and I love to look for all the Toothlesses in the blogpost, hehe
    The idea is really fun indeed and I guess I'm inspired and want to do that too <3

  2. Dankeschön :3

    Die Bilder an der Wand sind echt schön. Vor allem das mit dem großen Baum <3

  3. Ja, das mit dem öfter bloggen hab ich mir auch vorgenommen. *seufz* Mal gucken, ob das klappt. Seit ein paar Monaten ist irgendwie echt der Wurm drin. :/
    Und ich mag solche Posts immer total gerne. <3 Hoffe ich sehe deine Wohnung bald auch mal live.

  4. So many lovely details. Your flat looks really great!