May 2, 2015

Casino themed motto party

Good morning!

Do you have a great weekend until now? I had. But I'm still tired somehow (laughs) my cats decided that I need to stand up and feed them. Well, so I did. As I already mentioned in the blogentry before, I want to show you some pictures of my casio themed birthday party. The great idea came from Nina and Marie! We had poker and roulette and martinis and fingerfood. Everyone was looking great in dresses our suits. I had a lot of fun and I am really happy, that I have great friends.

 Martinis and poker...!
 It also gave cake. *_*

 Lots of group pictures. Unfortunately Diana is missing since she made the pictures ;_;
 Polaroids which we took..

 I love my girls!!!

 Werner and me! He looked so good in his suit! ^-^
Marie and me and the martinis!

I hope you liked the pictures. I did! As well as my birthday party. Maybe I will go to a wild park today and take pictures of wolves. But I'm not sure since my friend does not know exactly if we go ;_; Have a nice weekend and enjoy every minute!


  1. Soo coool! Seems like you guys had lots of fun, I'm envious!

  2. Das war bestimmt ein richtig schöner Abend! Schade, dass ich nicht dabei sein konnte, aber ich hoffe wir haben bald mal wieder Gelegenheit dazu, uns zu sehen. ^^

  3. Birthday party x Birthday cake x casino sounds so fun :D The pictures of you standing all together look really posh!

  4. I happy you had such a great time! <3

  5. Marie hat das Ding ja mal gerockt! :D
    Wünschte ich wäre auch da gewesen! ;_;