June 7, 2015

Weekend in Hamburg

Good morning my dear readers,

as you see: I try to post as much as possible, yay! The next post is not far away, since I want to make a lense review! So stay tuned, haha.

Last weekend I decided to go to Hamburg to meet my dear Marie and Nina! We had a great time like everytime. Laughed, talked, ate food and drank wine. On saturday we visited the PINK INC and partied, haha. Since I just have pictures of ourselves, you need to live with it. Unfortunately I just took pictures with my phone, but anyway, I love them.

I hope you enjoyed the sign of life! Next weekend I am invited to a marriage. Looking forward to it a lot. Have a nice sunday. I continue watching pretty little liars now until my boyfriend is awake. We want to make a bbq!


  1. Wie süß ihr seid! So viele selfies. ^w^
    Schön, dass du deine Wochenende jetzt in vollen Zügen genießt. <3
    Und ich freu mich schon auf dein lens review!

  2. Miss youuuuuu!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
    P.s.: https://vimeo.com/129652901

  3. Wäre gern dabei gewesen ;___; <3 <3 Ihr seht toll aus!