August 1, 2015

Christopher Street Day in Hamburg

Hello everyone,

I just came back from two awesome days in Hamburg. This time I visited my friend Carina who came back from Japan for a short time! On Friday we went to the "Hamburger Dom" and had some quality time! On the next day, today, the CSD in Hamburg took place. I've never had the chance to go there before but this time it worked out. I spent time with my loveliest people and we talked, celebrated (without alc) and took lots of pictures. The motto of this year was also perfect in my opinion. In German it was "Bildung frei von Vorurteilen." and it is so right. Next year I need to go there again and enjoy it a lot. Thank you friends for the quality time. Now I'm tired like hell but on monday is the Rob Zombie concert in Cologne. So I need to be fit again soon! Also, I'm going to the GamesCon on Friday next week~! Looking forward.

 At first there was Olivia Jones! She looked stunning as always!

 He walked like a model!
 They were so cute together!
 Cuties while making pictures!
 Carina and me!

 THIS was GORGEOUS. Right?
 Aren't they the cutest?

 Sun was shining bright.
 They made the awesome sign!

 Let's do it the Irish Way!
Keep on smiling!

Sarah and me! I got a cute cat rainbow make up from Lisa, haha~! Loved it.

All together the weekend until now was perfect. Eventhough I got a slight sunburn, I enjoyed it till the very end. I hope Germany will make the step soon. Love is Love, isn't it? I just can not understand how we are still not there right now. But well...

Enjoy your sunday!


  1. Es war so schön dich zu sehen und dass du mit warst! *___* Und ja, ich fand diesen CSD den besten seit langem und das sich viel mehr getan hat. <3

  2. Du siehst so glücklich aus *A* Schön das du soviel Spaß hattest!

  3. Es war soooooo schön! Voll toll, dass du da warst <3
    Zum Glück sehen wir uns ja bald wieder! :3

  4. Dankeschön :)

    OH Rob Zombie! Sehr cool <3 Sieht nach einer Menge Spaß aus! :3 Freut mich!

  5. Olivia Jones! *_* ich möchte auch einmal auf einen CSD in so einer großen Stadt wie Hamburg gehen. ^_^