August 23, 2015

Wildlife park Lüneburger Heide

Good morning everyone,

since I have time right now I really want to tell you about my day yesterday. For christmas my boyfriend promised me to visit my favorite animal with the possibility to feed it. Since we never had a good time to go to the Lüneburger Heide, we did it yesterday. We went there by car and had the best weather ever. Not too hot but the sun was shining. The park itself is amazing. We were there for nearly the whole day and it was never boring. The animals have big shelters and everything. We first walked through the whole park and later met with a zookeeper. We went together to the arctic foxes and she gave us some instructions. They had puppies, you know? I can not describe how awesome it was. I could feed them and they were really curious and wanted attention. Well, there were eggs after all and I think that was the matter. After an hour we continued our tour through the park. We visited the awesome wolves, the lynx, the wildcat and so on. But I need to show you pictures to understand how awesome the day was. If you live nearby please GO there!!!

 Awwww, cutie!

 if you start feeding them....

 my bro!
 aren't they cute?
 wolves... *_*

 the cute lynx!

 the wild cat.

 snow leopard.

 Meeting with the foxes.

They were all sleepy after eating, haha! So cute. If you want to see the pictures larger, just leftclick on them.


  1. Aww wie unglaublich niedlich. Tolle Bilder :)

  2. wow! So viele tolle Tiere und dass du so vielel füttern durftest, ist auch total toll *__* So schön!

  3. Oh mein Gott, was für niedliche Bilder!! Die kleinen Füchse, ich dreh durch *____*xD und erst die Wölfe, hammer!! So toll, dass du so einen schönen Tag hattest! Freu mich auf Donnerstag! <3
    Nina :3

  4. I really enjoy these updates of yours.
    Just scrolling through the cute animal pictures makes me smile and a little happy inside, no matter how tired I am at that point, hehe

  5. woow the snow leopard is amazing! so beautiful <3

  6. So tolle Bilder. Die Tiere sind wunderschön und ich freu mich, dass du solchen Spaß hattest ^^