September 25, 2015

Connichi Friday

Hello my dear readers,

since I am sick I use my time to write something about the Connichi friday. This year we decided to go there earlier and it was a good plan! We consisted of: Steffi, Vivi, Anna and me. It was sososo nice to hang out with them and I really can not wait for next years Connichi. Have you ever visited the Connichi?
On friday we just put our kigurumis on since we had plans for saturday and just wanted to chill on friday - good decision.

 While waiting for the Sailor Moon show!

Shinji Schneider who was really funny!!!

 More cosplayer pictures will follow on the Connichi sunday!! 

 Later on we changed our clothes to go to the Connichi party! Loving the picture of Anna and me!

That was a present I've got. A unicorn called Jürgen.

I hope you've enjoyed the entry. Be prepared for the second part!

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  1. Voll schöner Post. Deine Outfits sind alles so toll! <3