September 6, 2015

Time in Hamburg

Good morning everyone,

finally time to write something again. How are you all doing?? September is a busy month for me since the Connichi will take place soon. Looking forward to it. Anyone going there too?
I miss blogging so much but I don't have the time at the moment.
Last weekend I was in Hamburg again to visit the lovely Marie and Nina - Marie celebrated her birthday and I decided to go there on thursday already so we have time to talk and everything. I do not need to say more: Every time is it gorgeous there and I had a great time. The birthday was awesome and I finally had time to talk to my cutie Sarah-Marie again! Of course we took selfies - like always, haha! Thanks for the nice time, my sweeties!

 Nina and me!
 First day: We went shoe shopping! :D
 Love my rings!
 my outfit. I love this skorts.

Nina and my outfit!

 stupid picture! Haha~
 Cutiepie and me *-*
 All the selfies...
With the both cuties! I love the pictures we took! *_*

As I already told you: The time there was great and I enjoyed every bit of it. We also watched "The Dinos." Do you know the series? It is a childhood memory from me and we laughed a lot.


  1. We miss you sooo much!!! The few days were wonderful!! <3 Loving all the pictures and next time we'll take some with Marie's new camera *___*

  2. Dankeschön :3 <3

    Du siehst einfach immer so hübsch aus! Und ich will auch endlich mal nach Hamburg :D

  3. Connichi <3
    Ich werd Samstag und Sonntag dort sein und freu mich schon soooo sehr. ^^

    Uhh die Ringe sind ja cool und das Outfit steht dir auch super ^^

  4. Hach ja, ich hab es voll verpennt einen Blogeintrag zu machen. Liegt wahrscheinlich an Arbeit. Wir haben so schöne Selfies gemacht! ;////; <3333