December 21, 2015

December feels like spring.

Good evening my dear readers,

seems like I lost some ;___; I'm very sad about it but still... I can understand it since my blogging skills are really boring at the moment and the time to blog is like not there somehow. After all... December right now feels like spring. They are blooming flowers, no snow, no cold... I don't know. I want winter. I love snow. Seems like not everyone likes snow but I'm the person who prefers snow over heat. Eventhough I like summer too!!!

By the way: December was a good month. I even don't know where to start right now.... mh.... my good friend Carina came to visit me in my hometown which really made me happy *_* we enjoyed our time by playing games, eating sushi and watching "Until Dawn" by Gronkh. It was really awesome. I really enjoyed my time. On the 15th of December Jessy and me went to ONE OK ROCK in Hamburg. It was really awesome and we were in the second row. I want another concert right now... this year were not as much as last year but well.

As you know from my previous posts I was really worried about my grades. You know what? Fuck off. I have really good grades in all exams. It is nearly over. Just the oral exam is left and I can do that too (I hope...)

 Finally we have new pictures together! ^_^
 This could be so cute if only Arya would be quiet. But no... she wanted to smell on my wig, haha.

 I also met Vivi and Sandra while eating sushi. 

 We made burgers with friends... my veggie burger was really good!

 My look for the concert in Hamburg. I had the time to doll myself up again and it was great. Really.

And now... I wish you merry christmas! Have a great time, enjoy the time with family or friends...or just enjoy your freetime!


  1. Good luck with your last exam! I hope it goes well :D It's feeling like Spring over here too... Want it to be more like winter!

  2. Oh and Merry Christmas to you too! *3*

  3. I'm happy you had such a great time this month and enjoyed your concert... and don't worry about the readers that left, it's probably not about you but them changing their minds or having developed different interests or stuff like that...

  4. Merry Christmas! Somehow I've been forgetting to wish everyone a merry Christmas this time around!XD
    You look so pretty! Glad to hear you've been having a good time <3

  5. Thank you for not posting the weird pictures that we took before the concert. I was really worried for a second hahahaha :D

    And hey, next year we'll see OOR again!

  6. Ich möchte ja auch unbedingt Schnee (vor allem zum Fotos machen) :( Habe mich gestern noch mit meinem Vater darüber unterhalten dass es in seiner Kindheit IMMER zu Weihnachten Schnee gab. Das mit der Erderwärmung ist wirklich schrecklich.

  7. You always look so cute on pictures :3
    In France, it's not so cold too... Not exactly like previous winter!
    But I don't like cold so it's okay for me haha

  8. You are so cute! And I never thought you would fail in your exams! You worked so hard for it. Congrats! <3