December 7, 2015

What I did - November Edition

Good morning boys and girls,

just an entry to show you that I am alive again after all my exams. I'm still not finished since I need to attend my oral exam in January but the rest is done. Will get my grades in December. Which means: I need to wait and I hate it. Anyway... here is my list of things which I done in November:

  • went to Hamburg to meet up with my cuties Sarah, Nina and Marie
  • went christmas shopping
  • got my wisdom teeth out (which hurts like hell right now. It just happend yesterday.)
  • met up with my cutiepie Nici
  • wrote my exams
Thats it. I have just a few selfies with my friends and some of me with my new wig.

 You know what? I love them! :3

 I really miss my grey hair which I had years ago. But this wig is a good solution.

Have a nice day! You will hear from me soon again!


  1. I hope your exams went well and you'll recover from your wisedom tooth adventures rather quickly! :D

  2. miss u tierisch ;///; Silvester! <33

  3. Oh nein, warum hast du mir das nicht mit den Weisheitszähne erzählt! Q___Q Aber hurray, dafür das du den Großteil deiner Prüfungen hinter dir hast.
    Die grauen Haare sahen echt geil an dir aus! V.v

  4. Grey hair really suits you!! <3
    Oh... and I so can remember the feeling of having a wisdom tooth extraction. Which side? The upper ones are usually less painful Q__Q
    Hamburg is such a great city - I haven't been there for years now and I really miss it!!

  5. Hope all of your exams went well! <3
    Your wig looks really great!!!*^^*

  6. Nice pictures :) You look so cute with this wig >w<