January 3, 2016

Christmas and New Years Eve (long and picture heavy)

Hello everyone,
it is 2016 now and I can not even believe it. Time runs by so fast. It feels like it was 2015 New Years Eve yesterday but it wasn't. So many things happend. So many things changed. But I am happy with it.

Christmas this year was great. We had great food, I've got to spend quality time with my family and got awesome presents (laughs) but also the gifts I made were a success! I'm so happy about it. Eventhough it does not felt like christmas because it was really warm outside, I tried my best while watching christmas movies and listening to chrismtas songs. It got me into christmas mood too!

No we did not have a tree. But anyway. It looked beautiful... I think.

 Got this lovely card of Jana and the cute presents from Teru... thank you!!!

 Presents from my boyfriend.
 From my father and his girlfriend... he knows me well.
 Got tons of Lush things from my grandma!!

And also awesome food - for me with seitan which was really good!!

On New Years Eve I went to Hamburg again because I wanted to celebrate it with my best friends. Unfortunately Basti needed to work but he spend his evening with a good friend of us which made it easy for me to leave for Hamburg. The day and evening were just perfect. Food, friends, dogs, long lasting talks, pictures, music.... I really enjoyed it. Thank you Nina and Marie for making this party possible. 

 Nici, Sarah and me!
 It is always selfie time... isn't it?

Thank you again for the night and the day. I had a great time. I hope all of you too, my readers? How was your Christmas and New Years Eve? I know, I am late... haha.


  1. I'm happy to read that you spend such a lovely end of the year :)

  2. Woow you have so cute presents <3
    You look to have lots of fun!
    My christmas and new year were so nice too!!

  3. Voll schöner Post! *___* War richtig toll!!

  4. Daaankeschön <3

    Oh soo viele Sachen von Lush *-*

  5. Lovely post! I can see from all of these photos that you ladies really did have an amazing Christmas and New Years!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  6. Jaaa Buddy ist ein Goldstück :D

  7. Die Bilder sind echt süß :)
    Ich kenn deinen Blog seit 2013 und hab jetzt einen neuen, würd mich freuen wenn du ihn dir mal ansiehst °w° http://luna-dlight.blogspot.de/