May 20, 2016


Hello my dears,

finally I have the time to blog again. I have a lot to write about but let's start right before Japan as I celebrated my birthday. Kind off - since I wanted to celebrate it with only a few people. But all my lovely Hamburger came. Also two weeks before I met my cutie Sarah. I spent the day with her in Hanover and we had a great time. Talking about friends.... I need to go to Hamburg soon to meet all the lovely people ;______________________; I really miss them!

 Gosh, look at this cutie!!!

Now onto my birthday. We had lots of fun as we played games and ate lots of food!

 These cuties!!

 Werner was such a cute tiger!

We also took lots of polaroids! I will post more soon!

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Vermisse dich auch ganz doll! ;___;

  2. Nice to see you back ^w^
    Wow you must have such fun birthday! :D I'm happy for you :)